Teen girls everywhere can rejoice slightly!

Diggy Simmon’s highly anticipated album Unexpected Arrival, is set to hit stores March 20! In the mean-time take a look at the track list and try to imagine what the heart-throbbing adolescent is cooking up!

Diggy Simmons’ “Unexpected Arrival” Album Cover

Diggy Simmons Surprises A Cleveland Junior High School [VIDEO]

1. “The Arrival (Intro)”

2. “Hello World”

3. “I Need to Know”

4. “88″ (feat. Jadakiss)

5. “Two Up”

6. “Unforgivable Blackness”

7. “Special Occasion” (feat. Tank)

8. “Glow in the Dark”

9. “4 Letter Word”

10. “Do It Like You” (feat. Jeremih)

11. “Tom Edison”

12. “The Reign”

13. “Knowing Me Knowing You” (Bonus)

14. “What’s Going On” (Bonus)

15. “MSG” (Bonus)

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