What is the best way for a rapper to silence another rapper who is trying to drag them into a rap beef? you drop a song right after said diss track and say absolutely nothing about the track coming at your neck. That is the lane J. Cole has chosen to take when dealing with […]

Your little siblings’ favorite emcee, Diggy Simmons, stopped by 99.1 KGGI in Riverside, California in promotion of his new album, Unexpected Arrival, and of course was asked the story behind the recently leaked track that features the rap legend’s son taking shots at J. Cole. His response: “No big story behind it. It was really just […]

I was hoping that this was an April Fool’s joke but young Diggy Simmons has indeed taken shots at Roc Nation MC J. Cole on this new track, “What You Say To Me.” But why? Well, J. Cole made a not so subtle sexual reference to Diggy’s sister Vanessa on the track “School Daze” and […]

Former reality star turned rapper Diggy Simmons is hot on the promotional trail for his debut album, Unexpected Arrival. Simmons stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show in Washington D.C. for an interview that ranged in topic. Russ Parr’s interview with Diggy ranged in topic from engagement rumors to his thoughts on Trayvon Martin. Considering […]

We all know Diggy as the son of Hip Hop royalty, but now he wants us to know why he is really trying to do this rap thing all on his own. Diggy has created a huge buzz in the industry by releasing several mixtapes and accelerated his momentum by headlining the smokin’ Scream Tour. […]

Teen girls everywhere can rejoice slightly! Diggy Simmon’s highly anticipated album Unexpected Arrival, is set to hit stores March 20! In the mean-time take a look at the track list and try to imagine what the heart-throbbing adolescent is cooking up! Diggy Simmons’ “Unexpected Arrival” Album Cover Diggy Simmons Surprises A Cleveland Junior High School […]

Diggy Simmons’ appropriately titled album Unexpected Arrival will be released on March 20. Rev Run’s son released the cover art for the highly anticipated project which shows him walking through a threshold into a vibrant world. Expect teenage girls to lose their minds any minute! Is “N***as In Paris” Littered With Illuminati Images? American Idol […]

Diggy Simmons is doing his thing on the Scream Tour. While stopped in Cleveland, he surprised a young fan with an iPad and two front row tickets to the concert. The girl’s classmates were treated to a pizza party also. The young lady, Kwynn, won the prizes from Diggy by entering into the “Diggy Jetsetters” […]

Diggy Simmons dropped into the “Come Up Show” in Philly and left the microphone smoking after an impromptu freestyle.  The young’n, who recently came by TheUrbandaily offices for a live Ustream, insists that he doesn’t want to be compared to artists in his age group. “Ladies say that I’m cute/ haters say I’m a fluke/try […]

Diggy Simmons recently spoke with TheUrbanDaily and his fans via live chat, and he talked about being the son of a legendary rapper, millionaire and preacher. Diggy readily admitted that he was always aware of his father Rev Run‘s fame as one-third of RUN-DMC, but isn’t influenced by Run as a rapper. But he did get […]

From his first mixtape to signing with Atlantic Records, Diggy Simmons has been methodically building anticipation for his debut album. In this episode of TVOne and TheUrbandaily.com’s “The Playlist” the son of Rev. Run shares what fans can expect on his first project.