I was hoping that this was an April Fool’s joke but young Diggy Simmons has indeed taken shots at Roc Nation MC J. Cole on this new track, “What You Say To Me.” But why?

Well, J. Cole made a not so subtle sexual reference to Diggy’s sister Vanessa on the track “School Daze” and Cole also referenced both siblings on “Grow Up Fast” where he raps:

Move along c**k-sucker, ain’t got nothing to see,

‘less you talking blockbuster, you n*ggas in not Russell

You more Diggy, Me, I’m more Biggie

No diss to the young boy, I’m just rapping, get bored quickly

Just to make up for that line, invite him on tour with me

Show him the game, let him finagle these whores with me

Run through their doors with me, hit the Ritz Carlton for the night

Leave ‘em there two dykes, probably change a n*ggas life, right?

Wattup Vanessa? I loved you that one semester

So in retaliation Diggy has gone straight for Cole’s throat rapping,

“Who Dat? Who Dat?” You know who it is/ Heard you lying on my sis telling people that you hit/ When your album drops I’m gonna hit you with your bricks…n*gga think he Cold, think he like me Jetsetter, trendsetter nah you not like me/Can’t find a girl you know that do not like me/ I Can’t find a girl I know who know you…Stand up, matter of fact sit down/Don’t try to call Hovi Hov for a sit down”

While I will never fault a man for standing up for his sister, Diggy now joins the ranks of also-rans like Charles Hamilton and Canibus in the J.Cole diss club. Not the best look. The timing also seems a little suspect with his debut album Unexpected Arrival recently dropping to ho-hum numbers. However, the way rap “beef” is going in the Twitter age this will probably be squashed by the time I click “publish” on this post. You see that pic right? (props to RapRadar)


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