As of late, rap battles have been few and far between. When they do pop off, it’s between two artists you don’t want battling. (Diggy  Simmons busting shots at J. Cole, anyone?) Since rap hasn’t yielded any new lyrical sparring matches, a site called Epic Rap Battles Of History is here to change that. The […]

I was hoping that this was an April Fool’s joke but young Diggy Simmons has indeed taken shots at Roc Nation MC J. Cole on this new track, “What You Say To Me.” But why? Well, J. Cole made a not so subtle sexual reference to Diggy’s sister Vanessa on the track “School Daze” and […]

Lil Wayne took an opportunity to spread some love during a very somber Grammy Awards weekend–to a point. J-Hud, Chaka Khan Confirmed For Whitney Grammy Tribute [VIDEO] After celebrating the success of his label YMCMB with performances, plaques,  announcements (Christina Milian is now signed to the label) and even a moment of silence for Whitney […]

Over the weekend rapper Canibus added J.Cole to the  list of MCs he’s had issue with over the years. What made this latest assault so bizarre is that J. Cole has publicly stated that Canibus is one of his favorite MCs and biggest influences, even playing his music at his shows. Well, it seems that […]

When Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped “Otis,” the rap world was set ablaze. People talked about the mediocre remixes that were sure to follow. California MC,  Game, hasn’t done a remix. He’s delivered a half baked diss record. I’m not exactly sure who this is aimed at considering he goes from taking shots at Jay-Z […]

The suits over at Forbes magazine are playing their own game of detective with the new Jay-Z and Kanye West record “H.A.M.” According to an article on their website, when Jay-Z rhymes “you got Baby money” he is taking a subliminal swipe at Lil Wayne. “…On the track…Jay-Z complains that his competitors merely fantasize about […]

Soulja Boy had a lot of eyebrows raised after he claimed on Twitter that he had written Willow Smith’s hit single “Whip My Hair.”

The Teflon Don Rick Ross is still putting in work after promoting his new album by recording new music.