Last weekend I attended a screening of The Lorax at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, NY with my 9-year-old son Justin. He enjoyed the movie so much that he wanted to write his first film review.

We are two of many Barrow men. We are going to give you a review of the Lorax Movie.

The movie is about a boy named Ted who is trying to find the last tree. He lives in a town called Thneedville. You see, Thneedeville is like a nature-hating person’s paradise. Everything is electronic! Mr.O’Hare is the mayor and tries to make pollution so people will buy his new product,  O’Hare air.

Ted likes this girl named Audrey. Audrey dreams  of seeing a real tree, but there are none. So Ted goes out to find a tree. His grandmother tells him to see the Once-ler.

When Ted goes to find the Once-ler he finds out the trees are gone because of the Once-ler. So the Once-ler tells the story that when he was young he started a business selling things called Thneeds. But when he cut down a truffula tree the Lorax appeared.

The Lorax is a hairy, small creature who speaks for the trees. The Lorax tells the Once-ler to stop cutting down the trees, but the Once-ler doesn’t listen until all the animals are gone and there are no more truffula trees.

But lucky for Ted the Once-ler saved one last truffula seed. So all Ted needs to do is plant the seed in the middle of town. Easier said than done!

The Lorax is a great movie and the message is to care for the environment. It is based on the book by Dr. Seuss, but it’s not exactly the same. There are some made up characters like Mr. O’Hare and there is no town called Thneedville. They probably did this to give a better reason for why he was looking for the Truffula seed. This is also good for people who have already read the book. They won’t get bored and say “I already know what happens.”

Watch the Lorax today! Enjoy!


5 Reasons To See Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

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