Last year the powers behind the wildly successful “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy decided to return to the well and release “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” the first of a new trilogy that actually acts as a prelude to the L.O.T.R. saga based around a Young Bilbo Baggins and his adventures that proceeded the great […]


Most of what you are about to read is not true… In “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Alicia Keys returns to tell the story of Katniss Everdeen, a brave Scottish girl fighting against the evils of reality television armed with nothing but her bow and arrows. The sequel to the box office smash “The Hunger […]

There’s a wonderful phenomenon going on in black movies these days.  From a business perspective, Think Like A Man proved that an all-black cast can succeed in the mainstream arena without buffoonish characterizations and silenced studio heads who insist that  “black movies don’t sell.”  On the independent side, a bumper crop of maverick directors like […]

With the success of 2011’s The Help, movie studios have finally taken notice — female centric movies pay off quite handsomely at the box office.  Girl power is now the new “black” in movies, and while some have gotten it right (Hanna, Colombiana) others have failed miserably  i.e. Sucker Punch and Red Riding Hood.  With […]


Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, two of the most fascinating people in the film industry, have yet again joined forces to bring a dark tale filled with his trademark achromatic actors spawned from his esoteric mind. RELATED: 13 Scary Movies Where Black People Survived To The End Dark Shadows, based on a cult classic 60’s […]

Last weekend I attended a screening of The Lorax at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, NY with my 9-year-old son Justin. He enjoyed the movie so much that he wanted to write his first film review. We are two of many Barrow men. We are going to give you a review of the Lorax […]

Singer and MC Phonte Coleman resurrects his “Movie In A Minute” franchise to give his honest opinion on Red Tails. Packing Playlist: Raleigh/Durham Tigallo doesn’t pull any punches about the flick but did like the character “Lighting”, played by David Oyelowo (who we interviewed here). Does he think you should see Red Tails? Watch the […]

When it comes to MCing Rapper Jean Grae has super powers to spare. Even though her namesake is not in this latest X-Men flick, it only made sense that she reviewed the latest in the franchise, X-Men: First Class. Check out her review courtesy of “I’m really glad it didn’t suck…” – Jean Grae […]

Today the third installment in the Chronicles Of Narnia series, Voyage Of the Dawn Treader hits theaters and I give it an enthusiastic endorsement because every last one of the characters is high.