If your a fan of the original XCOM game “UFO: Enemy Unkown”, then you will no doubt be happy to hear that Developers have been hard at work with a refresh of the popular series.

We had the privilege of being able to take a quick look at a Demo and see the new trailer found here. As a fan of strategy games, this game really seems to really test the gamer’s skills. What I was most impressed with is the fact that it takes the best from RPGs, Shooters, and Strategy games and makes a hybrid of all those genres. You have complete control over your squad and can assign weapons and gear at your base which you also have complete control over designing. Another really intriguing aspect of the game is the fact that each squad member is unique and will not come back if killed in action! So all of your hard work – for better or worse dies with that member. This adds an added dynamic to the game that ups the ante a little bit every time you play a level.

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We got a chance to speak with Garth DeAngeles and Greg Foertsch so check out the video below:

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