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  With Adidas generating all the buzz they possibly can surrounding the release of the new Yeezy Boost sneaker, Nike may have quietly stolen their thunder. At the stroke of midnight, the Swoosh introduced the world to the new ‘SNKRS’ app. This amazing new tool looks as great as it functions. And just to give […]

Looks like Dr. Dre is not the only hip-hop mogul in the streaming music business now. Jay Z is set to acquire the Scandinavian streaming music company Aspiro for the price of 56 million dollars. Tech Crunch is reporting the purchase is being done through his company Project Panther Bidco and has been approved by Aspiro’s main shareholder. Aspiro […]

2014 brought us some amazing titles to keep us entertained and help quell the rumors of the imminent demise of the console games, if only for a little while. With the announcement of and some delays added in, 2015 looks to be another stellar year for consoles. Here are some of the ones we are […]

Now that Windows 10 has been released and we’ve had a chance to check it out, we can go through what’s new and improved features of the operating system. The new Windows expands on Microsoft’s new universal apps programs looking to appear seamless across various devices. What they have come up with is a OS that […]

Baby, it’s cold outside! In case you’re living under a rock, you’ve missed the big snowstorm named Juno that’s currently wreaking havoc in the northeast.…


Ever since the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice—all unarmed Black men killed by the hands of police— have swept social consciousness, there has been a sense of growing helplessness and frustration in the Black community. This frustration was ignited with the refusals of grand juries to indict police officers that led […]

Will you drop $1200 for Sony’s new Walkman? Before sleek white iPods dominated ear drums and the audiosphere at large, the Sony Walkman was the preferred method of choice for enjoying music. The company is set to release the Walkman NW-ZX2, and it’s hitting the market with a hefty pricetag. The 128GB device will retail for $1,119.99. […]

It’s often said that you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you have been. So with 2015 coming around the corner, we take a look back at some of the best gadgets of 2014 as we prepare for the new goodies that we will be comparing them to in the new year. Best […]

Well it’s just a couple of days to the big day and holiday shopping is starting to look more like the mall scene from Dawn of the Dead with people ready to tear each other apart looking for that perfect gift. One thing that you can’t go wrong with is a new tech gift that […]

Accessories are like the star on the Christmas Tree, you don’t really need it but does it really look it’s best without it? Now tech accessories aren’t always as prominent but now that the margins between devices are becoming so narrow, accessories play a much bigger role in your enjoyment of the device. Who wants […]

Have you picked out something nice for the lady in your life? Be it mother, sister, wife, partner, you want to be able to get something special for your better half and something that they will like, which is fairly important. Here are 5 options sure to get Santa’s stamp of approval. Fitbit by Tory […]

As a kid, you used to be good all year to save up brownie points for that big item on your Christmas list. A laptop used to be that item of choice. But now, tablets are almost as powerful, and in many cases, cost a fraction of the price. These mighty devices allow you to […]