Have you picked out something nice for the lady in your life? Be it mother, sister, wife, partner, you want to be able to get something special for your better half and something that they will like, which is fairly important. Here are 5 options sure to get Santa’s stamp of approval.

Fitbit by Tory Birch

$149 bracelet $175 necklace

If you want to give her the gift of health and fashion look no further. Fitbit has partnered with fashion label Tory Birch to create a Fitbit that not only can help the wearer get fit but look good while doing it. You can choose between a pendant on a chain or the brass cuff bracelet


Ringly Smart Jewelry


Tired of her constantly looking down at her phone while you are talking, the Ringly looks like a cocktail ring but doubles as a device that notifies the wearer of calls, emails, texts and other notifications via vibrations and colored lights without having to look at her device. Now you can get back to having meaningful conversations without her searching for her phone and she has an awesome looking an extremely functional piece of cocktail jewelry.


Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch


Know someone who is just the party wherever she is. Or have that woman in your life susceptible to going into spontaneous fits of dancing when her song comes on her phone. Save her from the stares with the Stelle Mini-Clutch, that fits her essentials as well as a wireless speaker that can connect to any Bluetooth device. She can use it to share the music or it’s speakerphone option allows for an impromptu conference call.




An amazing mirror is the gift that keeps on giving and the cordless  simplehuman  Sensor Mirror is just that kind of mirror. Its Tru Lux light system lights up as you approach it and simulates natural sunlight so she doesn’t have to worry about how her makeup will look inside vs outside. The 7x magnification gives high level of detail for general grooming needs.


Alpha Comm Cell Phone Proximity Sensor


Do you know the woman who calls you the night after partying to ask if you saw her phone or did she give you her phone? Are you the person in the group? Losing your phone or your car keys can bring a great night to a screeching halt so give her the Cell Proximity sensor sounds an alarm when the item you have tagged gets too far from the sensor.  Great for phones, keys, wallets or wandering friends.

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