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We decided to round up five games you should be picking up for your favorite gamer.

CC is one of the founders of the upcoming BlerDCon, the first con to showcase the rich diversity of the minority community contributing to geek culture.

Chicago artist Ashley Woods is rapidly becoming a household name in the comic world.

We got the chance to speak to Filipino cosplayer Lunar Crow, who, despite her short time cosplaying, has racked up some serious accolades.

So it’s officially three weeks ’til Christmas and you haven’t made a dent in your gift-giving list. With the clock winding down, conventional wisdom might suggest doing a bit of holiday triage and cutting down your list, but don’t be the Grinch who gives gift cards — we made your shopping list for you. Here are eight grab-and-go […]

A few months ago, we pondered if Watch Dogs 2‘s Marcus would be the hero that blerds have been waiting for. But now after an election where emails, foreign sponsored hacking, wikileaks, and social media played a role, it seems like it was the prequel for V for Vendetta. Maybe Watch Dogs 2 is the game the world has […]

November 9, 2016 was an epic day in the world of comic books. While a ton of attention has been going to the launch of the Invincible Iron Man — which spotlights a 15-year-old black female MIT student who has built her own version of Iron Man’s armor — there is another book that has made some headlines of […]

AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead returns just in time for Halloween on October 23. But while zombies walking the earth are scary enough, it’s been the people who’ve been keeping Rick’s band of survivors up at night. Season 6 introduced us to one of the most notorious figures in the comic book while leaving many […]

When Luke Cage was first announced, the anticipation of the cast reveal was real. And while the cat was already out of the bag when Mike Colter was chosen to play Luke following his cameo in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the subsequent announcements of castings was impressive. The choice to have Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest, Lucy Pearl) and Adrian Younge […]

The Urban Daily spoke with the highly-anticipated show's producer.

TUD got to speak to 'Watch Dogs 2’s' creative director, Jonathan Morin, about the game, the choice of a new character, and more.

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