Accessories are like the star on the Christmas Tree, you don’t really need it but does it really look it’s best without it? Now tech accessories aren’t always as prominent but now that the margins between devices are becoming so narrow, accessories play a much bigger role in your enjoyment of the device. Who wants to get a phone with amazing sound and use $5 speakers? Or pay for a streaming service and your wireless speaker cuts out every 5 seconds? Here are some accessories that will keep you having a Holly Jolly this season.

Zapp Golite Portable Charger


Nothing is more frustrating than a dead device. The Golite portable charger allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously including tablets. The Golite packs enough juice to charge most smartphones 5 times and even has a convenient LED Flashlight.


Beats Solo 2


Now a part of the Apple Empire, the People over at Beats are still cranking out the headphones that everybody wants a pair of. The Solo 2 has a design tweak that makes it look a little more like the Studio. But the real improvements come in sound quality as they have given the Solo 2 a more balanced sound, and tighter bass. The perfect gift to ignore those family questions about when you’re getting married, having a kid, getting a job, etc…


Photojojo Lens Kit


With the rise of the smartphone photography, users are constantly looking for ways to improve their pictures. Photojojo gives owners the ability to equip Telephoto, FishEye, Wide and Macro lenses onto their phones by using a magnetic ring that the lenses magnetically clip on to. Easy to use so you’ll be snapping pro quality pics of Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs from too much egg nog. Goonie Goo Goo


Samsung Level In


Samsung recently decided to jump into the already cluttered Audio Accessory market, but we are happy that it wasn’t just a half-hearted attempt. The Level Line offers everything from a Bluetooth speaker to a range of over, on and in-ear headphones. Our choice for your gleeful giftee are the in-ear variety, the Level In. They provide amazing quality sound from a three-way speaker design that create a beautiful balance between treble, mids, bass and highs providing clear sound separation and rich, natural sound quality.


Garmin Heads-Up Display


While it might be ok to walk around with your phone out like a compass, it’s pretty impractical in your car. The Garmin Heads-Up Display allows hands-free navigation by displaying directions, speed, and other info right onto your dashboard. The device plugs into your phone and by use of an app can steer you in the right direction.


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