With Adidas generating all the buzz they possibly can surrounding the release of the new Yeezy Boost sneaker, Nike may have quietly stolen their thunder. At the stroke of midnight, the Swoosh introduced the world to the new ‘SNKRS’ app. This amazing new tool looks as great as it functions.

And just to give you an idea of how great it is, here are a few reasons.

1. No more camping outside!

Gone are the days where you could casually stroll into your nearest retailer and purchase the pair of shoes you coveted. In today’s sneaker game, consumers are relegated to sleeping outside overnight, RSVP’ing via social media, or picking up a ticket that guarantees you a pair of shoes in your size. Well, thanks to the innovative Phil Knight brand, you’re able to make a purchase right from the palm of your hand.

2. Monitor the shoes you love!

A big part of the problem with the sneaker game today, are “hypebeasts”. These are folks that tend to purchase footwear solely based on popularity, versus making a choice based on personal preference. With the ‘SNKRS’ app. you can customize your feed based on the shoes you’re actually interested in.

3. Never miss out on the latest releases.

Much like all social media applications, it always comes down to who and what you follow. Nike’s new app is no different. Now that you’ve populated your feed with which sneakers you’d actually like to follow news on, you can now set up your notifications tab. This option will keep you informed on the latest releases within the line you’ve selected. Now you’ll know exactly when a shoe is available, as well as make a purchase.

4. Store and save your favorite pairs of kicks.

If you’re not much of a Dunks person, you may just be out to browse through the app to see what they have to offer. Lucky for you, there’s a favorites tab that can be selected when you come across a pair that you really like. And while you don’t have to follow the Dunks brand, the favorites option gives you a chance to purchase that one colorway that you liked, on a later date.

5. Because it’s cool!

The last, but certainly not least reason to love this app, is simply because it’s cool! The ‘SNKRS’ application is extremely innovative and proves that Nike does care about the safety of those camping out for footwear. The brand realizes the stir that their shoes can cause, so they created a new way to stay in the know and never miss out on your favorite line of sneakers.


The ‘SNKRS’ app is currently available on iTunes.


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