With Adidas generating all the buzz they possibly can surrounding the release of the new Yeezy Boost sneaker, Nike may have quietly stolen their thunder. At the stroke of midnight, the Swoosh introduced the world to the new ‘SNKRS’ app. This amazing new tool looks as great as it functions. And just to give […]

With more than half the year over, sneaker heads begin to wonder what happened to those unreleased sneakers that made headlines a few months back. The sneaker images made the rounds on Instagram and Facebook but was never given a release date by its respected company. Since we can’t get our hands on the unreleased […]

Summer is in full swing, which just  means sneaker heads can take those sneakers they had tucked away in the closet all winter. This is the time of the year sneaker heads rock all their heat, staying away from colorless kicks and lacing up their feet with summer based colors and if you’re like the […]

Carmelo Anthony just released an epic  new video for Footlocker and the Jordan brand to promote their “23 Days Of Flight” campaign. In the clip Lala’s husband is seen arriving at the arena and preparing to take the court when he hears that a new shipment of Jordan shoes has hit the Footlocker and he […]

  Finally, the big three question is being discussed with one of the original members of “The Big Three”. For those who are not familiar with the basketball legendary threesome from The Chicago Bulls, they are; Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and a virtual unknown named Michael Jordan. Well, the new “Big Three” is what some […]

What’s worse then standing online all night in the cold with a rowdy crowd of teenagers, sneaker-heads and moms? Waking up the next morning to those same $180 sneakers burnt to a crisp! A young woman on Twitter, whose boyfriend apparently cheated on her–took fire to the coveted kicks then twitpic’d it with this message: […]

So I’ve been playing NBA 2K11 on the old Xbox 360 and to be honest with you, the game has lots of surprises. The predominant theme of the game centers around Michael Jordan mostly – and his career over the years. For me personally, this was the main reason to check the game out. It’s […]

Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself. I am Kiante the Sneaker Mann and I travel the United States promoting the freshest styles and trends in footwear. Now I’m stepping it up! I’ll be reporting on some of the hottest kicks, but that’s not all. I am going to drop in and give […]

Queen Rania of Jordan has just been honored with the first YouTube Visionary Award for her efforts to encourage the youth in her nation and abroad to tackle stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs.