Well it’s just a couple of days to the big day and holiday shopping is starting to look more like the mall scene from Dawn of the Dead with people ready to tear each other apart looking for that perfect gift. One thing that you can’t go wrong with is a new tech gift that will rank high on the ooh and ahh chart. So while people walk around the aisles aimlessly, take heart as we give you a list that will have you targeting that perfect tech gift and get you out of the store and away from the presentapocalpsye .

Playstation 4


Yes it sounds obvious but sometimes the obvious hides in plain sight. The PS4 is still the best system on the market, has tons of new games coming out and provides hours of entertainment. It’s also been out for a little while so it’s not the “must have” it was previously, but still new enough to be a pretty awesome gift. And with every new game it becomes the gift that makes future shopping easier. Which makes it a gift for you as well.


Roku 3


No gift is better than one that saves time, or money and nothing is more of a money pit and headache creator than Cable. Give the gift of ditching the cable man with the Roku 3 video streaming device. The Roku 3 gives you access to Netflix, HBO go, Hulu Plus, finally YouTube and more than 1,000 other channels on the market making it the closest thing to a cable killer there is. It has a great interface, and a cool remote which allows you to listen on your headphones.


Garmin Heads-Up Display Dashboard Projector


Watch your favorite driver start wearing aviators and adding a bit of swag to their step after they first try out their new toy. The Garmin projector displays step by step directions as well as speed, traffic and even safety camera alerts onto the windshield of the car once attached to your Bluetooth enabled phone and the use of an app. Now you can make it to Grandma’s house on time for dinner and finally play out your Top Gun fantasy or just be in the co-pilot seat with your camera ready for the morph into a jet pilot. Which is really the gift here.


Alpha Comm MIPOW Power Tube


In the land of technology power is… well power, so you should always be prepared for the times when an outlet isn’t ready accessible. The MIPOW Power Tube is small and compact but carries enough for a full recharge and fits right in your pocket making it the perfect pick up and go backup energy source. Or one you can carry around everywhere without having to worry about it taking up a lot of space.


Nvidia Shield Tablet


We are constantly on the move and we want our stuff to make the trip with us. So there is no better way to get your entertainment on the go than the Nvidia Shield Tablet. The Shield offers full access to Goggle Play app store, runs Android 4.4 KitKat and at around $300, even if you aren’t a gamer it’s still one of the most versatile tablets in its class.



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