Basketball Wives star Royce Reed is hoping for a new judge in her custody case against baby daddy Dwight Howard. Royce believes the judge has some sort of disdain for women who have children with NBA players out of wedlock. Howard has been trying to wrestle custody from Reed because as court documents say, Howard accuses Reed of interfering in his relationship with their son. Dwight Howard says Royce makes it difficult for him to spend time with his son on his scheduled days to visit.

When it seemed like Dwight Howard might win, Royce filed the motion to have Judge Tim Shea barred from the case because she feels he is biased against NBA baby mommas and fears the judge may be blinded by Howard’s celebrity status. In her motion, Royce claims Judge Shea wouldn’t allow her to present her side of the case in court and believes there is a conflict of interest considering one of Howard’s attorney’s is an endorser of Shea’s website.

A hearing for Royce’s motion will take place later this month.



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