According to TMZ, former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed claims Dwight Howard took off with their son and won’t tell her where he is. That is problem enough in and of itself but there’s more. The little boy does not have his medicine. Royce has gone to court for an […]

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  There are lots of opinions swirling around the internets on this one! While the message seems perfectly congratulatory on the surface, the subsequent Tweets that Ms. Reed shot off, made it seem as though her intentions were in fact cruel ones. See what you think of the initial tweet in question below! The problem […]

Apparently, there is still no love lost between former “Basketball Wives” cast mates Royce Reed and Evelyn Lozada. While out promoting the upcoming (and hopefully final) season of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada had a lot to say about Reed, who won’t be on this season of the show. Lozada said Royce was a non-motherf**king factor […]

Former original Basketball Wives star and current Basketball Wives: LA cast member Gloria Govan discussed her new acting role and old cast mates in a new interview with EURWeb. Govan is set to play a female assassin on a program called Clean Ops, set to air on the Comedy Shaq Network. Govan was asked how […]

For the few unhappy Basketball Wives fans upset over Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer’s firing, Shaunie O’Neal says she had nothing to do with it. Though it’s been reported Shaunie fired the three women from the show and alluded to the fact she knew who was going to get fired in other interviews, Shaunie says she […]

A few former basketball stars can breathe a little easier. Three cast members of Basketball Wives have been fired from the show. There rumors swirling that the reality show’s executive producer Shaunie O’Neal was going to be cleaning house, but no names were given at the time. The identities of the ladies who won’t be […]

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Basketball Wives star Royce Reed may be tiny, but she doesn’t fold under pressure that easily. Reed has recently been going through very public relationship woes. Her boyfriend Tampa Bay Buccaneer Dezmon Briscoe was caught sexting his baby’s mother behind Royce’s back. Briscoe’s baby mother put Dezmon and Royce on blast via Twitter by spilling […]

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed may be small, but she is nobody’s punk. Few days after a Basketball Wives episode where Royce’s boyfriend NFL player Dezmon Briscoe professed his love for her, Briscoe’s baby’s mother took a sip of some internet thuggery juice and aired Royce and Dezmon’s relationship out on Twitter. Dezmon’s former flame […]

After incriminating text messages exposing him as a cheater surfaced online, Royce Reed’s boyfriend–Dezmon Briscoe– has come clean about his two-timing and lying ways. Dezmon confessed to the allegations from his baby momma, saying: baby mama wanna be messy so I’ll clean it up. I sent the messages she posted… To be on her good […]

Cheating rumors notwithstanding, Royce Reed is officially is engaged to the NFL’s Dez Briscoe of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She wasn’t the one who broke the news, though. Those honors go to her Basketball Wives co-star, Kenya Bell, who tweeted her congratulations to the couple. Their exchange went like this: RT @KenyaBell Oopsie!!! Lol Well […]

Royce Reed couldn’t enjoy one full day of bliss following the debut of her boyfriend–Dezmon–on “Basketball Wives” without facing drama! Shortly after the show aired, her boyfriend Dezmon’s baby-mother–Christina–exposed him by releasing the alleged text messages between them where he comes onto her sexually! Christina was allegedly holding onto the messages until she heard Royce […]

“Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed is tired of watching from the sidelines and wants back in on the drama.  According to TMZ, the reality star recently filed papers that would lift the gag order placed by her baby daddy, NBA star Dwight Howard back in 2009.  Royce initially agreed to keep her lips zipped as […]