After incriminating text messages exposing him as a cheater surfaced online, Royce Reed’s boyfriend–Dezmon Briscoe– has come clean about his two-timing and lying ways. Dezmon confessed to the allegations from his baby momma, saying:

baby mama wanna be messy so I’ll clean it up. I sent the messages she posted… To be on her good side because she has my son.

Ask my baby mana have I touched her since I got her pregnant and see what she say…

As far as me not being at camp. There are personal reasons. I love my teammates and I’ll be back at workouts Monday #bucnation

I could of handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to @Roycelr because she don’t deserve that. Love you

I’m done now. Looking forward to being with my teammates Monday. Everyone that knows me know I’ma team player till I die. No individuals

Royce, tweeted this:

Royce Reed’s Boyfriend Allegedly Caught Cheating

Royce Reed Engaged?

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