Cheating rumors notwithstanding, Royce Reed is officially is engaged to the NFL’s Dez Briscoe of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She wasn’t the one who broke the news, though. Those honors go to her Basketball Wives co-star, Kenya Bell, who tweeted her congratulations to the couple.

Their exchange went like this:

RT @KenyaBell Oopsie!!! Lol Well Congrats! :-) One for the haters! “@Roycelr: @KenyaBell thx Kenya but I think u just let the cat out the bag lol”

So it looks like both she and Evelyn Lozada will soon become football wives. Congratulations to the couple. Oh, and my condolences to the baby mama currently causing a ruckus on Twitter. Although, it seems as though she wasn’t completely fabrication.

Via the sports-themed blog, Jocks and Stiletto Jill:

Update: So who knows what’s the state of their relationship now, per Royce’s Twitterfeed – which is seemingly offering a second by second blow about her relationship, she seems conflicted:

My life is an open book! Shit happens! Y’all telling me to stay or leave…it isn’t that easy! My heart is broken! Some will find that funny

I’m ok with being open and honest! I’m ok with being Me! The fact it DIDNT happen doesn’t matter! Y the hell send it just 2 appease sum1.

Yes I feel stupid! Yes I feel betrayed! Yes I love @DezBriscoe89 but at this point I love myself more! I honestly don’t know wht imma do!

Gnite! I have a son to put in the bed for school tomorrow! If you want to know what happened read @DezBriscoe89 tweets! I’m out! FYI @DezBriscoeJrMom has ALSO admitted thru DM that they never hooked up while we’ve been together! But it doesn’t make the texts any better


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