Former NBA champion Scottie Pippen might need a refresher course in legal wrangling. Pippen hit CBS, NBCArizona State University, and others with a lawsuit for publishing stories claiming he was broke. Scottie Pippen wants  million big ones from each of the companies named in the suit.

CBS and NBC are firing back by filing documents in court asking the judge to throw the case out for the simple fact Scottie Pippen has admitted himself that  his financial situation is in dire straits. The defendants say they ran stories focused on Scottie Pippen’s dwindling bank account because he “was the focus of a steady drum beat of press coverage of his ongoing, and by his own account, increasingly dire financial circumstances.”

To support their assertions, the media outlets referenced a 2004 article where Pippen was quoted as saying, “You can wake up one day, and someone can decide to take everything you have.” NBC and CBS maintain there was no malice in their reporting of Pippen’s money issues and shouldn’t have to pay him anything. It’s all in the judge’s hands now.



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