The anticipation for Dr. Dre’s oft upcoming and delayed album, Detox, has reached a level of zero. Fans who are still hoping it does make it to shelves, believe it will come out in another 10 years. Sometime collaborator and rival DJ Quik doesn’t think Dre is going to put out Detox. In an interview with The Herald Sun, Quik said, “I don’t really believe that Dr. Dre’s gonna release [Detox], I think he’s kind of over it and rightfully so. If he does put it out, it’s gonna come out without the fanfare.”

The West Coast legend also commented that Detox is “advanced” and may not be for all music fans. Quik commented, “He’s done it. He’s already succeeded. He doesn’t have to prove to anybody that he can make a hot record. What else can he do? He can’t reinvent the wheel. He’s already made all the wheels in Hip Hop. I think it’s hard for him to let go of another brainchild that he might think some people won’t even appreciate because some of it is advanced. I’ve listened to it. It’s a smart record.”

While we can agree whatever music Dr. Dre is going to put out is going to be good. However, we’re seriously not sure if Detox will ever be released and not too many of us really care. If he does release Detox, cool. If not, it’s whatever.

Read more of the story over at HipHopDX.


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