Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, better known as Nate Dogg, would have been 47 years old today. To celebrate, we've rounded up five songs featuring the West Coast pioneer that you may have forgotten about.

The Screen

DJ Quik is an OG in the game, and he makes that point very clear in the next episode of TVOne’s Unsung. Quik started out making mixtapes in the ’80s that got him noticed by big record labels of the time such as Profile and Ruthless Records. But his big break came when when he dropped his first […]

It’s a sad day for rapper DJ Quik‘s family. His 21-year-old daughter was charged with the murder of her two-year-old son. Along with DJ Quik’s daughter, her boyfriend and the father of the toddler was charged with murder. This all began when the body of the toddler was found outside of the couple’s Arizona apartment. […]

It’s time for summer cookouts! And no cook-out is complete without music loud enough to make your neighbors complain…. or at least come over and join in the festivities. Here are ten songs guaranteed to provide the perfect soundtrack to your summer BBQ! Total “Kissin You / Oh Honey Remix” Built around a sample of […]

The anticipation for Dr. Dre’s oft upcoming and delayed album, Detox, has reached a level of zero. Fans who are still hoping it does make it to shelves, believe it will come out in another 10 years. Sometime collaborator and rival DJ Quik doesn’t think Dre is going to put out Detox. In an interview […]

DJ Quik says he was questioned by police who thought he killed the Notorious B.I.G. At the time, Quik drove a car similar to the one spotted at the scene of the murder.

DJ Quik’s eighth solo album, The Book of David, was released this week.  To celebrate, Quik threw an album release party at a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles on Thursday.

In honor of 4/20 here is something that you should read under the influence but is just as insightful sober. DJ Quik, the Compton California OG producer and MC, has just released his eighth album The Book Of David. If you haven’t ingested the female-friendly sonics of “Real Women” or “Luv Of My Life” head […]

West coast hip-hop legends DJ Quik & Ice Cube have finally teamed up for “Boogie Til You Conk Out,” a new song from Quik’s new album, The Book Of David.

DJ Quik has worked with just about everybody that matters in west coast hip-hop, including the late Nate Dogg.  In an interview with the Los Angeles Leakers, Quik reminisces on being in the studio with Nate working on the song “Black Mercedes” from Quik’s Trauma album.

West coast hip-hop legend DJ Quik was in Hawaii when an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan sending 30 feet tsunami waves headed towards the state.

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