It’s a sad day for rapper DJ Quik‘s family. His 21-year-old daughter was charged with the murder of her two-year-old son. Along with DJ Quik’s daughter, her boyfriend and the father of the toddler was charged with murder. This all began when the body of the toddler was found outside of the couple’s Arizona apartment.

According to court documents, witnesses told law enforcement they heard the child’s father Matt Alvarez, 24, giving the child a spanking for wetting the bed or himself. The neighbors also called the spankings “excessive.” The child was found with multiple bruises on his legs, buttocks, back, face, and arms.

Quik’s daughter, 21-year-old Davieanna Marlena Blake, told police she and Alvarez argued earlier in the day and once it was discovered their child wet the bed as he slept, Alvarez whipped the child with a leather belt. Blake says she didn’t stop the whipping because she feared upsetting Matt Alvarez even more. Blake said she went to work and when she came home, her son was sad and had a plethora of bruises all over his body. The sight of her son caused another argument between her and Matt Alvarez. Onl;y this time they were arguing about whether they should take the toddler to the hospital.

Alvarez later admitted that he whipped the child with a belt, but claimed it was a woven belt. He did admit he whipped the child after the toddler soiled himself and clothes.

For those wondering, the reason why Blake is being charged with murder is because she did nothing to get her child help after she knew the situation. Technically, it’s like being an accessory to murder after the fact. In the law’s eyes, just because she didn’t beat her son to death doesn’t mean she isn’t responsible for it when she clearly knew the child’s father was abusing the child.



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