Former NFL player Deion Sanders is firing back at his estranged wife Pilar. She is suing him and his daughter Deiondra for $200 million for defamation of character. After it was announced Deion and Pilar were getting divorced, Deiondra went on a scathing Twitter rant against her stepmother. In one of the more memorable parts of the rant was when Deiondra called Pilar a “gold digging hoe.”

Pilar Sanders responded to Deiondra’s accusations by suing for defamation and a long list of other things. the soon to be ex Mrs. Sanders says Deion and his children have had a personal vendetta against her for a number of years. Pilar cited Deiondra’s Twitter outburst as a prime example. Deion says Pilar has nothing to sue for because everything Deiondra said was true. Deion filed court documents which said, “Any statements made by any defendants were true, did not create a false impression…and were not malicious.”

Deion Sanders wants the case thrown out of court. While Deion wants the lawsuit dismissed, Pilar and her attorneys remain optimistic they will be awarded the settlement they’re looking for. Pilar Sanders’ lawyers say, “We will leave it up to the good citizens who will sit on the jury to decide whether the constant and on-going remarks made by Mr. Sanders and his agents and employees are appropriate.”

Whose side are you on? Does Pilar deserve $200 million for being called a hoe?



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