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Pilar Sanders (pictured), the former wife of gridiron great Deion Sanders (pictured), received a seven-day sentence from a Dallas court on Tuesday for reportedly violating a custody agreement by not returning their children back to Deion in a timely manner, according to The Dallas Morning News.   A judge ruled that Pilar’s violation was in contempt of court with regards […]

NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is still in the midst of a bitter divorce ex-wife Pilar Sanders. The former couple is still battling it out in court because Pilar wants her prenup voided so that she can receive more money than what she originally agreed to when she signed the prenup. Her previous attempts […]

  Those who have been following this nasty divorce battle will agree, that  it seemed like it was quite possibly going to go on forever! But according to TMZ, Deion Sanders just won giving him full physical and legal custody of his 13 and 11-year-old sons with Pilar and shared physical and legal custody with their 9 […]

Despite continuous requests for the former couple to let the overweight woman croon, it looks as though Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders will carry their legal back and forth well into 2013. Pilar Sanders has recently vowed to continue fighting with her ex over custody of their two children. In response to losing the most […]

Pilar Sanders has been claiming that her ex-husband Deion Sanders has left her so broke that she had to move out of her house because he wouldn’t give her the money to keep the lights on. However, Deion is responding to those reports by alleging the devil is a lie and has no receipts. He […]

Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar Sanders are not done fighting. Deion has taken the fight to the Texas Supreme Court over his $10,000 month child and spousal support obligation — arguing that it is six times more than state law requires. In response, Pilar claims that Deion is worth $250 million so it’s not […]

The divorce between Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders is getting superugly. After both parties making reports about the other being abusive, Deion Sanders is desperately trying to unload his Dallas condo for way under the fair market value. The condo was put on the market right after Pilar Sanders blew their divorce proceedings out of […]

Although it’d probably be in each of their best interests to embrace the adage “silence is golden,” Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders just can’t help themselves when it comes to throwing the other one under the magic school bus. This time, it’s Pilar talking to Tanya Young Williams – best known as “the bougie one” […]

Deion Sanders has been ordered to pay about $10,500 a month in child and spousal support payments  to soon-to-be ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, as well as a $3,500 mortgage payment for Pilar’s new home until their divorce is finalized. And if you’re tallying the total, you can add another $275,000 for Pilar’s attorney fees. Pilar, who […]

The plot thickens with Deion and Pilar Sanders’ assault case and divorce. After slapping Pilar Sanders’ with a gag order, the judge has lifted Pilar’s gag order. Like TheUrbanDaily.com on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! Now that Pilar Sanders is free to speak  about the drama surrounding her […]

In the latest installment of As The Divorce Turns, a local CBS affiliate is reporting that Deion Sanders was charged with trying to destroy evidence that proved he assaulted his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders. CBS 11 reports: Sources told CBS 11 News that police in Prosper filed criminal charges against former Dallas Cowboys star Deion […]

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  Who: NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar When:  2008 Network: Oxygen Why We Watched: Deion Sanders’ nickname is “Primetime” because of his exploits on the football field. Would that showmanship translate to reality television? After a horrendous attempt at a rap career during the 90s, the only way Sanders could go […]