The plot thickens with Deion and Pilar Sanders’ assault case and divorce. After slapping Pilar Sanders’ with a gag order, the judge has lifted Pilar’s gag order.

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Now that Pilar Sanders is free to speak  about the drama surrounding her divorce and custody battle. According to the soon to be ex Mrs. Sanders, Deion Sanders is trying to crucify her in the court of virtual opinion. Deion Sanders has told the media that Pilar was hit with a restraining order and that he was granted with temporary custody. Pilar Sanders says these things are false.She also says the main reason the gag order was lifted was because Deion kept violating the gag order himself.

Pilar wants us to know the real facts of the situation between them. “Seeing that Deion uses our children and the word ‘God’ in trying to disguise his image, I think enough is enough.  He only cares about himself, manipulating and cheating to distract from the truth and let’s not forget about his open and flagrant philandering. No one deserves to be treated like this, no one. I need the facts known,” Pilar said, “and hopefully Deion’s public will convince him to just stop showing off, handle this situation fairly like a real man, and let my children and me get on with our lives.”

Pilar also took the time to correct some of the tidbits of information Deion Sanders put in the press to slander Pilar. She is refuting claims Deion was granted temporary custody of their children. The house Pilar is banned from is a house Deion owned before they got married and wouldn’t be apart of their divorce settlement because it was exclusively his. Lastly, Deion Sanders filed an order of protection in family violence court and it was denied.

With all the mudslinging going on in this case, has anybody thought about what this is doing to the Sanders children? After all, they still have to go to school and kids can be so cruel. So what’s being done to help them? As for Pilar and Deion Sanders, they need to act like adults long enough to settle this and once everything is decided they can go back to hating each other.


Deion Sanders Facing Charges For Allegedly Tampering With Evidence

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