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Who: NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar

When:  2008

Network: Oxygen

Why We Watched: Deion Sanders’ nickname is “Primetime” because of his exploits on the football field. Would that showmanship translate to reality television? After a horrendous attempt at a rap career during the 90s, the only way Sanders could go was up. Additionally, viewers wanted to see how the notorious playboy fared as a mild mannered family man.


Impact: Not much at all. Unlike The T.O. Show there was nothing to hold viewers’ interest. I would have liked to see elements of Sanders’ emotional 2011 NFL Hall of Fame speech and the relationship with his mother sprinkled into the show. Instead, Deion’s ignorance is on full display when it comes to parental skills. You’re not sure if he is trying to be funny when talking to his kids about sex or if he really believes that “Jack and Jill went up the hill, but not to fetch a pail of water.” Deion and Pilar’s show proved that not every famous family should appear on television.

Aftermath: Evidently, all the drama that would have made this show decent happened after its cancellation. Deion and Pilar are currently in the midst of a nasty divorce where “Neon” Deion has allegedly turned out the lights on any monetary support of his wife. Sanders’ oldest daughter Deiondra has taken to cyberspace to question the intentions of her stepmother (to put it nicely) and Pilar is fighting to maintain the financial stability she was accustomed to.

Just this week the two exchanged assault charges with Pilar allegedly jumping Deion with a friend . Sanders went on Twitter to add gasoline to the fire. If there was ever going to be a season 2, their latest outburst would have definitely raised the anticipation for it.

Tami Talks: I didn’t watch this one but I wish they would do one now with all this divorce stuff now, that would be juicy.


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