Pilar Sanders has been claiming that her ex-husband Deion Sanders has left her so broke that she had to move out of her house because he wouldn’t give her the money to keep the lights on. However, Deion is responding to those reports by alleging the devil is a lie and has no receipts. He does, though.

Speaking with Rumor Fix, the former football star said:

“It’s a lie as usual,” Deion tells RumorFix in an email. He says, “I have all my records of every child support payment.” Deion and Pilar are in the middle of a bitter divorce although the former model signed a pre-nup.

Deion also disputes a claim that he doesn’t see his oldest son. “We have joint custody,” Deion writes, “I have my kids three and a  half days a week. I have no other obligations to her.”

As for the Pilar’s claims that she is running out of money and can’t even pay her electric or gas bill, Deion writes, ” She’s crying broke — staying at the Westin in Frisco [Texas] ordering room service for four people three times a day. Go figure. She left her mother’s home which she claims no utilities. But you leave your mother and sister there? Her sister abused my kids three weeks ago. Police kicked her door [and because of a] court order, she can’t be around my kids and that’s when Pilar left to the Westin. This all is True from the horse.”


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