Despite continuous requests for the former couple to let the overweight woman croon, it looks as though Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders will carry their legal back and forth well into 2013. Pilar Sanders has recently vowed to continue fighting with her ex over custody of their two children. In response to losing the most recent custody battle in court, Pilar says she is a “victim of Deion’s celebrity status.”

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At a Dallas court hearing on Wednesday, model and actress Pilar Sanders lost temporary custody of her two boys, who have been living with their NFL Network analyst and Hall of Famer father. The judge also reduced Pilar’s child support from $10,500 to $5,500 a month. She will retain custody of their daughter. Her publicist, Kali Bowyer, said, “Pilar has become a victim of Deion’s celebrity status, which has swayed the courts and blinded justice . . . It has become evident at this point that there is an absolute prejudice against Pilar, and this has become a completely one-sided court circus.” Pilar herself said, “I am sad that Deion has been able to keep my boys away from me since Oct. 26 — no Halloween, no Thanksgiving — and now he is threatening to keep them away from me for Christmas. . . . He is using our innocent children as a pawn in this ugly, ugly divorce.” The warring pair, whose battle began with an April domestic dispute at their home, are due back in court Jan. 9 to discuss child custody issues. Pilar wants their 13-year marriage annulled, and their drama-filled divorce case will go to a jury.


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