Pilar Sanders (pictured), the former wife of gridiron great Deion Sanders (pictured), received a seven-day sentence from a Dallas court on Tuesday for reportedly violating a custody agreement by not returning their children back to Deion in a timely manner, according to The Dallas Morning News.


A judge ruled that Pilar’s violation was in contempt of court with regards to the couple’s divorce decree.  Deion, who has full custody of their three children, had his legal team file three motions in court last month, including a defamation suit against Pilar asking for $1 million in damages.  The suit was put into motion after Pilar recently went on the popular Bill O’Reilly TV show, “The O’Reilly Factor” and made allegedly slanderous statements about her ex.  Pilar and Deion’s divorce was drama-filled from the start with accusations of cheating, spousal abuse — both verbal and physical — theft, nasty Twitter/Facebook rants, and arrests.

Pilar reportedly went to court sans legal representation or witnesses on her behalf.  She also repeatedly intimated, how she was only present and participating in the judicial process under duress, threat and coercion.  The mother of three even reportedly stated, “I stand mute,” when a judge asked if she had further questions.

A temporary injunction was granted in the defamation case that forces Pilar’s to remove any degrading comments about Deion from social media that could jeopardize his career.  The judge also went a step further to modify the divorce decree to state that Pilar shall not have her children until further notification from the court.


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