In today’s edition of WTF news, the hood has again taken something serious and turned it into the Wrestlemania of ratchetness! A group of party promoters in Orlando, Florida are throwing a “Hoodie and Heels” party where the proceeds will go to Trayvon Martin’s family. As if the idea of this type of party weren’t ratchet enough, the promoters used a picture of Trayvon Martin on the flyer like he endorsed the shindig.

There are a few problems with the ratchet party flyer. The flyer says everyone gets in free and it’s free drinks until midnight, but never establishes what time the club opens. Secondly, exactly how much money do they think they are going to raise? You have no cover charge and open bar until midnight. The type of crowd they will attract will be at the party at 5 pm talking about, “Is it open bar yet?” Those fools are not trying to pay for drinks. They need to sit all the way down!



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