Singer /actor Tyrese just can’t win. Tyrese has gone on the interview circuit proclaiming how cool he and Transformers director Michael Bay are. The only issue with that is Michael Bay doesn’t want to be associated with Tyrese. Bay and his attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to Tyrese. To add insult to injury, Tyrese was hit with a restraining order by the Hollywood director.

Sources close to the situation say Bay filed the restraining order when he heard Tyrese was going around telling industry insiders he and Bay were close friends. Michael Bay’s cousin Susan commented on the matter, stating, “Michael Bay has a cease and desist on Tyrese, and a restraining order on Tyrese. Michael didn’t like when Tyrese was calling out his name on television, like they were boys. Everywhere Tyrese went, he was calling out Michael’s name. Mike didn’t like that sh*t.”

Did Michael Bay go over the top with the restraining order and cease and desist letter? Sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: The order to “cease and desist was never an official or legal document. It was more so demanded by Michael Bay. A rep from the publicity department of Paramount Studios, which distributes Transformers, denies the whole story. A message showed up on which denied the story also. the message said:

Nelson here… just got off the phone with Bay (while filming ‘Pain & Gain’) to confirm that this story is totally and patently false. Read on.

It has come to our attention that a certain gossip site wants to go mainstream by posting false stories that have nothing to do with reality.

The latest one being that Bay has a restraining order against actor Tyrese Gibson. Bay HAS NOT filed a restraining order against Tyrese.

Tyrese is a great friend to Michael Bay, and to this web site. Tyrese is one of Michael’s best friends. They’ve gone to Floyd Mayweather fights and last Christmas Tyrese spent Christmas with Bay as a true friend. So it’s ridiculous when stories like these posted on Jacky Jasper’s web site start making the rounds, and get picked up by entertainment news outlets as legitimate stories.



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