Hip-Hop’s original X-Men changed their name to The X-Executioners many years ago (lawsuits suck), but we think there might be a few heroes (and villains) left in the game. In celebration of the new X-Men Origins:Wolverine flick we imagined what some of our favorite mutants would be like in a b-boy stance.

We made our list taking into account observed behavior, personal history and appearance (a little). Read the descriptions below and check the gallery!

Mutant: Cyclops

MC: Nas

Reason: If there was ever a reluctant, troubled leader with unpredictable vision in hip-hop it’s Nasir Jones.

Mutant: Mystique

Artist: Lil Kim

Reason: No artist is capable of changing their appearance at will like Kimberly Jones.

Mutant: Wolverine

MC: 50 Cent

Reason: Wolverine’s healing powers and his Adamantium skeleton make him one of the most feared X-Men. Whether it’s surviving 9 shots and living to tell the tale or slicing and dicing opponents with reckless abandon, few MCs come close to the ruthless nature of 50 Cent.

Mutant: Magneto

MC: Jay-Z

Reason: When it comes to “pull” in the industry Jay-Z is in a class by himself. R.Kelly bails out of a concert? Just call 20 of your closest friends to fill Madison Square Garden. Need a one-of-kind car for your music video? Get Maybach to lend you one they literally only made one of.

Mutant: Gambit

MC: Lil Wayne

Reason: Both of these raging Cajuns have an inexplicable hypnotic charm and you’re never quite sure what card they’ll pull out of their deck next.

Mutant: Rogue

Artist: Kanye West

Reason: Much like Rogue, Kanye West can temporarily absorb the talents of those around him (see RZA, Pharrell, Q-Tip & T-Pain for proof) but this skill makes him untouchable. As a result he is moodier than most artists.

Mutant: The Juggernaut

Artist: Rick Ross

Reason: No matter what the scandal is (corrections officer graduation or baby mama porn) nothing seems to faze the quality of his music or his chart positions. He’s the Juggernaut, b*tch!

Mutant: Beast

MC: Killer Mike

Reason: Despite his rough exterior Dr. Hank McCoy is one of the most intelligent X-Men and anyone who has had a one-on-one conversation with Killer Mike knows that his brains far exceed his brawn. (see also: Banner, David)

Mutant: Jean Grey

Artist: Jean Grea

Reason: Like her namesake, the MC Jean Grae has unlimited power but she has yet to realize her full potential.

Mutant: Bishop

Artist: Andre 3000

Reason: Bishop is a police officer from an alternate future who can absorb most forms of energy and channel it into powerful blasts. He can also travel through time. If this isn’t Andre 3000 I dunno who is.

Mutant: Storm

Artist: Lauryn Hill

Reason: The B-girl Earth mother has command over all of the elements from singing, rapping and acting. Also, like Storm, few people have succeeded in reading her mind.

Mutant: Professor X

Artist: Russell Simmons

Reason: All respect to Professor X the Overseer, but for better or worse, Russell Simmons is the most consistent leader that hip-hop as ever had. And all that Yoga has his mind right.

Mutant: Colossus

Artist: Flo-Rida.

Reason: Ok, he’s the only rapper that even comes close to being this diesel, and his sales game is pretty heavy, but that’s about it.

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