Name: Taye Diggs

From: Newark, NJ

Occupation: Actor/Author

Affiliation: “Private Practice”

Taye Diggs may be a big time Hollywood celebrity to some, but lovers of the arts recognize that he’s more of a “thespian” than his peers. The fancy word that originates from the Greek language is just another word to define an actor–or more specifically, an actor that focuses on drama–but when it comes to Diggs, it’s a fitting adjective.

Taye Diggs Talks ‘Chocolate Me,’ Shirtless Pec-Offs

A well-rounded performer, Diggs got his start on Broadway, exercising his singing and dancing skills as well, before he graduated to the big screen to star in films such as The Best Man and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Now, the Newark, New Jersey born Diggs stars in the successful television series, “Private Practice” (a spinoff of the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy,” and earlier this year, he released a children’s book Chocolate Me! Recently, his wife Idina Menzel even hinted that he could join her on an episode of Glee, where she is a recurring character.

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In a recent interview, celebrity barber Maurice Manley spoke about Taye Diggs and his style, particularly his clean-cut style of grooming. “The last time I saw Taye Diggs, his hair was in what you would call a Caesar. It was close to the scalp, and extremely low where you can really see the lines,” he said. “It’s universal, a basic standard haircut. It’s easy, quick, and low maintenance. If you’re getting a Caesar, I can have the person is in and out of the chair, 20 minutes tops.”

Manley says the clean look that Taye Diggs has helps his success. “Actually, it is a good cut for Hollywood celebs. It’s standard, and clean. It’s not an intrusive look. It’s to the point.”

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