Every third Monday in January, we celebrate the life and works of Martin Luther King, jr. A symbol of peace and change, King spearheaded some the key marches that helped Black Americans gain the civil rights we naturally deserved.

Many times I wonder what would a man who stood for so much think of they way we act and the things we deem entertaining. While there is a lot for Martin Luther King to be proud of, there are more things he would be ashamed of. The Urban Daily and I decided to highlight a few of those. Take a look at our list of five things Martin Luther King is sure to be ashamed of. Hit us in the comments with anything you think should’ve made the list.

1. Black Reality Shows – When Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington it certainly wasn’t with the intent to have black people get on television 40 years later and act like they had no damn sense. King participated in helping us get the right to vote and end segregation for Flavor Flav to get a show about finding love with random hood boogers?! Flav’s ratchet spin off programs like I Love New York and Strange Love set Martin’s movement back 460 years. Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, and Real Housewives of Atlanta probably prompted King to have Jesus resurrect him just so he could jump off the mountaintop he spoke of visiting.

2. Tyler Perry Movies – Tyler Perry was sent to Black America by Satan and J. Edgar Hoover to make sure black people never prosper. Perry is part of the systemic destruction of the black man and black family. Besides his lack of actual movie making skills, Tyler Perry constantly portrays black men as abusive, unfaithful, and crude. The images in Perry’s movies are the exact thing Martin  Luther King was against. If you buy into Perry’s thinking, the only good men in the world are the ones that look like Shemar Moore. Of course the Shemar Moore type is going to be a good man, but broke. Frankly, King wouldn’t be proud of Tyler Perry projecting his personal insecurities onto a whole race to heal himself. Get a therapist, dude!

3. Pedophiles In The Pulpit –After the scandal that was Bishop Eddie Long, it’s no wonder the black church is losing members left and right. Martin Luther King’s mission was to bring lost souls to Christ. His message of non-violence was indicative of that. Eddie Long’s mission included bartering college tuition for fellatio from young boys while excusing his indiscretions as the will of God. Although King and Long were both ministers, they were definitely cut from  a different cloth. Upon hearing about Eddie Long’s troubles, King probably would’ve released a statement saying, “Remember when I was talking about non-violence? When it comes to Eddie Long, that’s null and void. Bust that fool in the head when you see him!”

4. His Tarnished Legacy – In spite of being the face of railing against the system without using violence, streets that bear his namesake are the epicenter of violence in ghettos across America. Moreover, King’s name has been slandered by plenty since his death. Some said the civil rights leader was a notorious womanizer and was on the down low. Many of those claims went unsubstantiated, but after working so hard to maintain a reputation of being an upstanding citizen, those rumors have got to hurt. King most likely wouldn’t have responded to said rumors. However, in today’s court of virtual opinion, that could spell political suicide.

5. Black Men In Prison – Inmates in America’s prison system make up for 25% of the world’s prison population. Most of the male prisoners are black. For a man whose  goal was for us to be free and equal to other races, King would most definitely be ashamed of the black inmate statistics. From looking at the number King would ascertain that the shackles on our wrists and ankles never were taken off, their aesthetics just changed. Slavery was big business in America and the prison system is the biggest American business. I wonder if Martin Luther K ing would feel like he failed. I mean we do have the right to vote and everything is integrated, but once you’re convicted of a felony you lose voting rights. When it comes to black men in the justice system, what would normally be a misdemeanor gets bumped up to a felony. Every American should be ashamed of that, not just Martin Luther King.


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