Ahh Twitter, you entertain us so. R&B singer Keri Hilson’s lack of love for Beyonce is fairly well documented. Unfortunately, no one has crazier fans than Bey! While they normally blow up her mentions with hate, they’ve recently gone the extra step of creating mock tweets of her.

A tweet has been circulating with Keri Baby saying that she’d been attacked with a stack of Beyonce CDs in the street. While the visual is chuckle inducing, the singer denies it really happened.

“Fake tweet, fake story. Photo-shop is a helluva drug lol,” she wrote on her account. “When ppl use so much of their own time and effort to prove that they hate you, they must realize it has the opposite effect! Thanks for the laugh!! Now cut & paste yourself a life.”

Check out the fake tweet below:


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