19 year old Gemma Barker of  Staines, Middlesex, London was living a double-double life. According to the folks at Bossip, Barker disguised herself as young men in order to date her younger girlfriends who were 16 and 15 respectively. She created multiple Facebook profiles to bring to life her three alter-egos, Aaron Lamapard, Connor McCormack and Luke Jones. She also took the time to give her alters different looks to pull off her trickery. She would dress in baggy clothes, hats and hoodies to conceal her real identity from her friends and their families.

Barker’s other life started to unravel when one of her girlfriends removed ‘Connor’s’  hat while (he) slept only to discover that she was with whom she thought was her other friends boyfriend Aaron Lampard. The two young women grew suspicious and reported their suspicions to the police. Barkers true identity was discovered after she was detained and then stripped searched. Gemma Barker is facing sexual assault and fraud charges and could face up to two years in prison.

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