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As much as they seem to dislike each other now, it’s hard to believe that Jay-Z and DMX were once going to do an album with Ja Rule. Many of you reading this probably don’t even know that Watch The Throne was preceded by several failed mega-mergers, most notably Murder Inc.

Hello, Brooklyn…How You Doin?

But our friends at TheSmokingSection have as long a memory as we do (pause) and have compiled the dirty dozen of super pacs (potentially awesome collabos)  that never materialized.

In 1999, Ja Rule’s Venni, Vetti, Vecci raced to the top of the charts, fueled by the hit single “Holla Holla.” However, it was the album track “Murdagram,” featuring heavyweights Jay-Z and DMX, that sent jolts of excitement pulsing throughout the Hip-Hop world. In the same year, the three New York giants posed for a seminal XXL cover as Murder Inc., which increased speculation that the trio would produce an album. The album, of course, was never recorded.


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