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Former First Lady of Ruff Ryders Eve hasn’t made an album in quite a while. With a new single form the Philly born MC is due at the end of April, Eve is doing her best to keep herself in the front of America’s mind. Her recent interview with will do just that. During a 20 minute interview, Eve gave her opinion on the new crop of female rappers like Iggy Azealia, Azealia Banks, and Nicki Minaj.

While Eve gave props to Azealia Banks and said she was a fan of Iggy Azealia’s look, Eve wasn’t really feeling Nicki Minaj too much. Eve told the site:

People want me to hate on her but I haven’t got anything to say about her. I wouldn’t have a problem putting her on a record- I try to be nice.I know a lot of people are mad at her.

But I get it, I get the whole sh*t, I know she’s going crazy. I know she’s going crazy at the mouth. Yeah you’re doing your thing- terrific, but without Kim you wouldn’t be here.

Eve has never been one to shy away from controversy. While I tend to agree with her statements, one has to wonder is saying coming out and sayig all of this to build buzz for a single that hasn’t dropped yet. What do you think? Peep the full interview below.



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