Check out these celebs who've begged for forgiveness in 2016.

The Life

The Harlem rapper has reevaluated the verbal damage she's done


Azealia Banks has finally come to her senses...we hope.

Azealia Banks has a reputation for not being one of the nicest people on Twitter.

Once again, Azealia found herself in an epic Twitter battle with not one, but three different celebrities.


In yet another Twitter rant, rapper Azealia Banks accuses Beyoncé of exploiting black women's suffering for her own personal gain

This is why all you youngsters need to read your contracts. Unfortunately, for Azealia Banks, she didn’t do her due diligence before inking her contract and is now enduring the consequences for it. According to Banks, she will be out of commission until 2016. That’s right, no new music from Azealia until March, 2016. Of […]


Azealia Banks, never one to hold her tongue, recently weighed in on the rift between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson. Having previously beefed with Bronson before, Banks made it clear which side she was on. During a rant on Twitter yesterday (July 21), Banks first questioned why it took Ghostface Killah over a week to […]


Katy Perry reached a huge milestone this week. To celebrate hitting over 1 billion views for her “Dark Horse” music video on VEVO’s official website, the singer took to Twitter to thank her fans and supporters. However, the California songstress riled up a certain someone for the way she signed off her tweet: “*heads back […]

Azealia Banks is gearing up for her first major role in a feature film, according to Deadline Hollywood. Reportedly titled Coco, the Brooklyn-based drama is set to be directed by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. Banks is slated to play an “aspiring twenty-something rapper who wants a career in hip-hop but is torn by her parents’ dreams […]


In a Billboard interview that found her admitting she should probably “tone it down,” Azealia Banks failed to do so and found herself issuing the rare mea culpa. When discussing what attracts her, the Harlem rapper referenced the President with the following: “He’s so fine. Those big-a** white teeth and ears hanging off his head? […]