Since doing a three bid which ended last March, Prodigy and Havoc have been working hard to restore Mobb Deep back to the prominence they once had. Now it looks like there won’t be anymore Mobb Deep. Havoc took to Twitter late last night to air his beef with Prodigy. Instead of speaking of actual gripes he had with Prodigy, Havoc took the time to hurl insults at his former partner-in-crime.

In a series of tweets, Havoc exposed his former partner-in-rhyme as a closeted gay man and threatened to beat Prodigy up on camera. The worse part came when Havoc said he had people that would back up his claims about Prodigy being gay.

Check the tweets below.(Read from bottom to top.) Reasons for the feud haven’t been released yet, but we’re sure they will hit the web shortly. For updates, click here.



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