We got a chance to look at an advanced preview of the new Amazing Spiderman. Does it live up to the hype or is it destined to go the way of the awful movie video-game? Read on to find out!

One of the things that I was afraid of when previewing the game was that the game might be too rushed. This is generally what plagues video-games that are made from Movies, but I am happy to report that the game play did seem to be well thought out. I’ll tell you about my favorite bits before I get to what I thought could use improvement.

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One of the things I love doing with the Spider-man Character in any Spidey Video game is webbing around the city free-form. This is what made Spider-man one of my favorite superheroes. I would imagine myself with those amazing powers to somersault and zip around the city via web. This is what makes playing Spider-man great and the developers nailed it. Spider-man really seems real and there is a sense of tension when falling all the way down to near ground levels before Spider-man suddenly shoots a new web, swinging upwards in the nick of time. It’s absolutely brilliant! So what’s so new about that? Well, they’ve added the ability to choose where you will web to next while in mid swing. The cool part is, based on your surroundings, Spider-man dynamically uses objects around him or in his path to get to the destination that you’ve selected. So he doesn’t just miraculously appear where you wanted him to or magically web through solid objects. He interacts with them by using them or somersaulting over them in unique and different ways to get to the destination you’ve chosen. Not only that, but you can chain these together for the ultimate Spidey-Experience! You can’t really destroy or damage buildings around you which was a bummer, but Spider-man isn’t exactly known for his destructiveness so it’s all good. You have all the normal stuff like collectible comics and figurines, or side quests and random thugs to take out. Other than the Iguana fella, we didn’t get to see any other characters that might be revealed in the movie or later on in the game.

A few items of note though are that there really isn’t a life bar for better or for worse, nor do you have to run around looking for web cartridges as they automatically replenish. Some fans may take issue with this. Also, I wasn’t too impressed with the character design of the baddies – but since it was an early build I expect the team to polish the characters up a bit.

Long story short, I am cautiously optimistic about the game and will be picking it up as the game-play was intriguing enough to give it a shot. Check the trailer below:

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