Captain America, Hulk and the crew will soon have another ally: Spider-Man. Marvel announced a deal with Sony last night to have Spider-Man appear with the Avengers in their upcoming movies. According to a press release from Marvel, Spider-Man will arrive in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film, which is the name of the universe the Avengers inhabit, so at some point he […]

Spiderman may have just gone down a notch on the list of “Our Favorite Superheroes,” after getting into a brawl with an NYPD officer in Times Square.   A rookie cop intervened between Spiderman and a woman who were arguing after taking a picture together. The woman handed the masked man a dollar, but he […]

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson had a very active imagination and fondness for the super heroes, especially Spiderman. In an interview with Moviefone.com, Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee discussed the late King of Pop’s desire to star in a comic book movie and his attempt to buy Marvel. Like TheUrbanDaily.com on Facebook to stay […]

We got a chance to look at an advanced preview of the new Amazing Spiderman. Does it live up to the hype or is it destined to go the way of the awful movie video-game? Read on to find out! One of the things that I was afraid of when previewing the game was that […]

There are over 425,000 games in Apple’s app store, so how do you know which ones are must-haves? “Angry Birds” or “Plants vs Zombies” are for kids and toll booth workers killing time on their phone. The iPad games listed below are the games that will make your boys go “oh sh*t, what is that??” […]

In his second video blog for The Urban Daily, Charlamagne Tha God addresses the tragic murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. Click here to watch what the outspoken DJ has to say.