Infamous NBA star Metta World Peace didn’t always have a peaceful demeanor. Since beginning therapy, World Peace has lived p to his name. However, he wasn’t always so damn peaceful. Before changing his name, Ron Artest was known for throwing bows, tables, ladders, and chairs. Well, maybe not the tables, ladders, and chairs, but he did look like you might catch a steel chair to the dome straight out of a WWE pay-per-view.

Considering Artest came out of World Peace when he recently elbowed James Harden (see below), The Urban Daily has been talking about Metta World Peace’s least peaceful moments in the NBA. Which incident was the worst? Let us know what you think.

Ron Artest vs. Gerald Wallace (March 2011)

The game between the Lakers and the Trailblazers was a frustrating game for Artest. He had been playing hard, but Gerald Wallace was making him platy harder. Because of his anger management issues, Artest had reached a breaking point and clocked Wallace in the back of the head when they were both going for a rebound. Though the two got into a chest beating match, nothing ever jumped off. Artest was thrown out of the game moments later. Had he not been ejected, we think Metta World Peace would have went Metta World War on Wallace.

Metta World Peace vs. James Harden (April 2012)

Despite having a standing appointment with his therapist, Metta World Peace let all of his stress relieving exercises fly right out the window. When James Harden bumped into World Peace, Ron Artest made a split second appearance and allowed Harden’s face and neck ram themselves into Artest’s elbow. After Artest was finished possessing World Peace’s body, World Peace tried to explain his actions to no avail. He was thrown out of the game and the ref almost caught a karate chop to the throat.

Ron Artest vs. Kobe Bryant (May 2009)

The tables were turned in 2009 when Kobe Bryant landed a wrestling elbow on Artest and the then Houston Rocket didn’t take the blow (pause) too lightly and stepped to Kobe. As soon as people saw Artest and Bryant exchanging words, they were told to take breathers and come back to the game. Soon after this altercation, Artest was traded to the Lakers. The first practice with those two had to be all kinds of awkward.

Metta World Peace vs. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (March 2012)

World Peace is a player who can dish out the brutality but can take it. When Paul Pierce fouled World Peace, World Peace was none too appreciative. Pierce and World Peace got into a small shoving bout. Everything was fair and square until Kevin Garnett decided to intervene. World Peace was about to get brolic before other team members broke everything up. But you could imagine how that fight would have went, right?

Metta World Peace vs. Joey Graham (February 2010)

A word of advice to World Peace’s opponents, don’t be a punk when going up against World Peace. Joey Graham hard fouled World Peace and almost caught a fist of Peace to the jaw. Though World Peace realized what he was doing before any violence erupted, it was kind of funny to watch Joey Graham flinch when he thought he was about to get knocked the f**k out.

Ron Artest vs. Rajon Rondo (June 2010)

This is a huge case of misunderstanding. Artest blocked a player’s shot and it looked a bit rough. Rajon Rondo didn’t take to kindly to Artest’s action and shoved Artest. Rondo caught the worse end of the deal because he was awarded a technical foul for defending the honor of his teammate like they were at a school dance and a dude grabbed his date’s ass. We’ll give Rondo some points for noble behavior. We would have liked to see what type of punch Artest would have delivered, but there are other violent Ron Artest moments.

Ron Artest vs. The Palace In Detroit (November 2004)

There could be no least peaceful list about Metta World Peace without this moment. After getting into a fight with Piston players, Artest was laying on the scorer’s table when a fan threw a drink on him and things went an extreme left. Ron Artest’s actions in this incident changed the NBA. The NBA suspended nine players for a total of 146 games, limited the sale of alcohol to fans, and increased security between fans and players. At least something positive came out of this. Hey, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Ron Artest sought therapy after this. Cut him some slack. Well, we just reviewed all of violent footage and he got everything he deserved in that one. Wait. Does Metta World Peace know where our offices are? We might need security.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


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