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Kevin Garnett has long been known as a player with a bit of an edge on the basketball court, but last night “The Big Ticket” took his antics a step too far. With just under eight minutes left in a game against the Houston Rockets, Garnett and fellow big man Dwight Howard got into a tussle after a […]

Since the NBA is in its off season, NBA veteran Kevin Garnett should be worried about staying ready for next season. However, Garnett is involved in a huge battle with his neighbor. Garnett’s neighbor has just hit the NBA superstar with a lawsuit calling the player a liar and a deceiver. The whole beef between […]

Get ready Celtics fans because Mr. Allen is coming to Boston. If Ray Allen thought the reception he got from former teammates Kevin Garnett (on live television) and Paul Pierce was frosty, imagine what he will hear on Sunday afternoon (1/27) from over 16,000 people who feel betrayed by Allen’s defection to arch rival Miami, […]

The starters for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game have been announced and Eastern Conference squad has an interesting back story. Fans voted for LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett to be the five starters for the East All-Stars. LeBron lead in votes with 1,583, 646. The West All-Stars are comprised […]

Actor/comedian Marlon Wayans is a huge sports buff. He is also a die hard New York Knicks fan. So naturally, he would have something to say about the incident between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. According to Wayans, if the two basketball players actually got into a fight, Carmelo would get dropped because Garnett has […]

On his issues with Kevin Garnett, Carmelo Anthony said Tuesday that he lost his temper because, “There’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man.” He added that, “I felt like we crossed a line, but like I said, we both had an understanding right now, we handled it the way we […]

We don’t know Kevin Garnett. We’re sure that off the court he’s a really nice person. But when it comes to basketball he has proven to be a world class a$$hole. RELATED: Disturbing The Peace: Metta World Peace’s 7 Least Peaceful Moments The Boston Celtics forward is legendary for his trash talk and allegedly made Knicks […]

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett has earned a reputation in the NBA for two things; his skill and his trash talk.  Last night both were the center of attention during a battle with the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Three  minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the game, Garnett and Knicks forward […]

The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics can truly claim the biggest rival in today’s NBA and maybe professional sports. The two teams opened the NBA season on the Heat’s home court and the defending champs walked away with a 120 to 107 victory. But that didn’t stop the Celtics from sending some messages of their […]

Boston Celtics fans aren’t the only people upset about Ray Allen‘s decision to leave the team and sign with the rival Miami Heat. His former teammate Kevin Garnett(KG), already an, ahem, intense individual on the court, has cut off all communication with the all-time three point scoring leader. “I don’t have Ray’s number anymore,” Garnett […]

Infamous NBA star Metta World Peace didn’t always have a peaceful demeanor. Since beginning therapy, World Peace has lived p to his name. However, he wasn’t always so damn peaceful. Before changing his name, Ron Artest was known for throwing bows, tables, ladders, and chairs. Well, maybe not the tables, ladders, and chairs, but he […]

LeBron James said he was sorry on Wednesday night (May 11th). A year to the day after a game 5 debacle against the very same Boston Celtics,  where James took tremendous criticism for allegedly quitting on the court in a 120-88 rout, he apologized to fans, family and friends he left behind in Cleveland: “The […]