Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett has earned a reputation in the NBA for two things; his skill and his trash talk.  Last night both were the center of attention during a battle with the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Three  minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the game, Garnett and Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony got into a shouting match on the court after a particularly physical possession. Both players were given technical fouls and separated by teammates.

The Knicks went on to lose the game 102 to 96 and Anthony was clearly off his game shooting 6 for 26 for the night.

However, things didn’t remain on the court. Melo was anything but as he shouted at the visiting team’s locker room and waited for Garnett outside the stadium by the Celtics team bus. [Hat tip to Yahoo! for the vid]

Was Carmelo out of control?

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