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R&B singer Brian McKnight is not a one dimensional artist.

How The Fans Failed Brian McKnight [OPINION]

Although known for making smooth sounding romance music, Brian likes to get down and dirty. He let his freak flag fly high in a video he posted online where he previewed a new song. Before debuting the new track, McKnight gave a little background on it. The track he previews is for a mixtape strictly for adults when they’re trying to set the mood.

As of now, the name of the song is, “If You’re Ready To Learn (How Your P***y Works).” Though he is dead serious, this is way too funny to take seriously. Check the video out below. Ladies, we want to know would you get with a guy if he played this for you while you were out on a date. Tell us your story in the comment section.



How The Fans Failed Brian McKnight [OPINION]


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