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It started off innocently enough. An award-winning singer and songwriter, pride of the brown-skin crooners, Brian McKnight, camped out behind a keyboard, promising a preview of his newest creation.

Sure his light has been a bit dim as of late, but the grown and sexy crowd has just been begging for a reason to act their age at happy hour and C-Breezy’s “Strip” ain’t exactly an after work anthem to be proud of. And a title like If You’re Ready To Learn has potential.

Brian Griffin Of Family Guy, “Ready To Learn” [VIDEO]

As the video progressed and we ignored his questionable fashion choices, a few eyebrows may have hit the heavens when Brian started talking about an “Adult” themed mixtape but hey, this is Brian “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” McKnight! The man was practically born baby-proofed. He probably just means “adult” as in grown! If anything could ever be deemed safe for work worthy, it’s a PSA from Mr. McKnight… right? And then, Awwww Hell Nah… WTF BRIAN!

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The sound of keyboards breaking as workers rushed to hit the mute button on Youtube echoed through offices across the country.  Did he really just pen a song on Kitty repair? Why is Brian using the word “squirt”? Why is this happening?!

You want the answer? Take a look in the mirror.

One day, Brian McKnight woke up and realized that, although he provided the music that Rihanna was probably made to (but certainly can’t recreate), she still has 10 million followers to his almost 50k.

Brian noticed that Trey Songz’ drunken yelp has become the preferred method of flirting to his offers of Anytime. Hell, R. Kelly was allowed to water-sport and still open the Soul Train Awards!

With a world running amok with “Basketball Wives” and “Bad Girls” clubbers monopolizing entertainment, Mr. McKnight fired up his keyboard and recorded a PSA on female ejaculation. That just happened.

Whether he was joking or serious is really irrelevant. Either way he was making “one last cry” for attention because music fans have driven him to extreme lengths to be noticed. He said as much on his twitter page.

“Funny how most of these folks have never been on my timeline when I wrote safe songs hmmmmm,” he wrote. “One sex filled song and I’m trending.”

So unless you want Joe, Alfonso Hunter or Al B. Sure to jump on the bandwagon and release questionable anthems like “Pretty Brown Eye,” “I’m The Breast You Ever Had” or  “Just The Tip” go out and support these artists. Show them some love before they are again forced to show their ass.

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