Young Money rapper Lil Wayne stays talking sh*t. When I say “talking sh*t,” I don’t mean boasting about how great he is. He does do that, but so does every other rapper from the actually great all the way down to the struggle rappers.

The only difference is that he actually raps about feces. Weezy has used going number 2 as a metaphor for being greater than other MCs as well as for getting involved in other artists careers. After being subjected to an office wide hour of Lil Wayne music, I had finally had enough of Lil Wayne’s sh*t. I seriously want to know what his infatuation with bodily waste is all about. Was he forced to live in his own or something? Somebody let me know. While I wait for an answer from our dedicated readers, take a look at a few of Lil Wayne’s sh*ttiest fecal references.

Omarion ft. Lil Wayne – ” I Get It In (Remix)”

“I’m jumping in this sh*t like a pogo on the potty”

During the thirty minutes Omarion was signed to Young Money the two produced this track. This reference is one of the tamer ones. Weezy commandeers the spotlight for a brief sixteen and makes sure to let you know he is jumping in the middle of this because he can. The visual of a person jumping on a pogo stick is funny by its self, but it’s taken to a higher level when they fall and land in a toilet bowl full of sh*t. Weezy, you have established yourself as a nasty ass person, but the fans still love it. I guess.

Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne – “Turnin’ Me On”

Baby, I’m the sh*t and that’s the only thing you smell around me”

This line is so problematic it’s not even funny. If the only I’m going to smell when I’m around Lil Wayne is his nasty ass, I suggest fans stop giving him artwork to show adoration and buy him some baby wipes, diapers, and Similac because only infants can get away with smelling like crap for more than a second. And as soon as those babies become potty trained, it’s their responsibility to wipe their own asses. There’s absolutely no reason to be walking around smelling like that. EVER.

Lil Wayne – “Mr. Carter”

“I been in and out the bank, b***h/ While y’all a**h**e n***as been on the same sh*t/ I flush ’em and watch ’em go down the drain quick”

Oh so Lil Wayne does know what do when he drops a deuce. That’s good to know. On the other hand, if he knows what to do when he has to drop nature missiles, fecal references shouldn’t have landed in any subsequent songs. But that’s just me.

Lil Wayne – “I’m Me”

“That’s when I can’t hold my shit within so I shit on myself/Cause I’m so sick and tired of sh*tting on everybody else”

Okay, Weezy, we get it. You think you’re the best rapper alive (keyword: think). However, taking a dump on yourself because you are too good to do it to someone else is dumb as all hell. Nobody is asking you to hold it and mess up your internal organs, but you’re freakin’ disgusting. Have a damn seat, as soon as you clean yourself.

Lil Wayne – “A Milli”

“And I be the sh*t now you got loose bowels”

Really, though? What in the actual hell are you talking about Weezy?! I have nothing else to say. I’m done.


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