“Maybe he figured I’ve already given my eye, knees and back to this game, what’s a hand?”

With my NY Knicks down two games to none against Wade, Bosh & LeFlop… uh LeBron’s Miami Heat in the playoffs, I KNOW I didn’t just hear that their all-star forward Amar’e Stoudemire punched a glass, cut his hand and now may be out for three games after JUST coming back from a herniated disk in his back….

That ain’t right is it? Not Stat, not the guy making $100 mill, not my man who knows our center Tyson Chandler has the flu, Baron Davis and Jared Jefferies are playing hurt and we lost Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert to injury. Nah, that didn’t just happen.

Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire Injures Hand After Loss To Heat

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Stat wouldn’t do that. He knows how hard it already is being a Knicks fan, right? He had to see that even without the  injuries, off -the-wall trades,  unstable front office and a god-awful coach, we’ve always held it down. He knows that even though we’ve made the playoffs two years in a row, we haven’t won a playoff game in forever. We sold The Garden out in minutes for those playoff tickets while the Heat still had seats available the day before their games. That even when Linsanity ran rampant, Mob Deep arrived and Melo started shooting the lights out again, we reminded the bandwagon that the team still needed the board crashing, 30-point bringing beast on the squad.

Bulls Rose And Knicks Shumpert Tear ACLs, Out For Playoffs

And that was before AND after he got the nerve to throw in cornrows that still look like bored stitches.

In spite of it all,  this dude messes up his hand (and the squad )after the game two loss by punching a glass case for a fire extinguisher.

Or… Maybe, it was because of it all?

Maybe because he made six out of nine shots, he should have taken more. Maybe (despite the ones he made) missing those three free-throws drove him crazy. Maybe knowing he’s part of the reason Melo’s here makes him feel responsible. Maybe he doesn’t want to let the team down, his city down or himself . Maybe he figured I’ve already given my eye, knees and back to this game, what’s a hand?

Maybe he knows his time is running out. Maybe for him, it’s not just a game….

Or maybe he just plain old-fashioned F*CKED up.

Hey, I’m a native New Yorker, which one do you think I’M going with?!

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