Jill Scott is what I would imagine my perfect woman to be.

She can sing, stain and polyurethane, and be the queen with the nappy hair raising her fist. Those are her words. Do not try to come at me on some Don Imus nonsense. Anyway, one thing I’ve noticed about Jill Scott. I always get hungry when I listen to her music. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure why that happened and one day it just hit me. Jill Scott sings so much about food! Being that food and Jill Scott are two of my favorite things, I made a list of five Jill Scott songs that make me feel like I haven’t eaten in three months.

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“It’s Love”

From the opening lines of this song, Jill has you hooked. However, for a man who loves food as much as I do, I fall in love when she hits the bridge at the end. When Scott starts belting out questions asking whether I want her love on my biscuits, baby and then on some rice and gravy, my answer is always a resounding “Hell yeah!” I will take her love on chitlins, pig feet, and chicken liver and onions. Mind you, I don’t eat any of the three aforementioned dishes. But I will if Jill Scott asked me to.


“Whatever” serves as a reward for her man who made her feel better than Halle Berry needed to in Monster’s Ball. Considering he took care of her needs, she is down to run to the Chinese food spot in her pjs, rollers, and eye crust all apparent to get him some chicken wings. Now that right there is love, commitment, and all that other stuff wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla.

“Honey Molasses”

Jill Scott appreciates the male specimen just as much, if not more than they admire her two girlfriends sitting on her chest. In “Honey Molasses,” she uses honey molasses as an adjective when referring to her man’s complexion. Despite the fact the song winds up being about him standing her up for a date, it still sounds so damn sexy and I still get the urge to eat something I can add honey to.

“Family Reunion”

This is an atypical song for Jill Scott. Usually, she saves the food references for songs about sex and things. “Family Reunion” is an introduction to her family at the reunion. Some cousins get into a fight where they knock over Helenora’s lemon cake. You know she barely ever makes that anymore. Once the cake gets knocked over, everybody wants to get buck. Luckily, everything gets squashed when the cook out music gets cut on. Now that everyone is happy again, can we get back to that famous potato salad she was just singing about? I heard Uncle Jerome loves it.

“The Way”

Jill Scott tried to figure out why she was so happy and anxious to see her man on “The Way.” Homegirl was so in love with him she hops out of bed and cooks herself a banging breakfast. I’m saying though, can a brotha get some toast with some scrambled eggs. I’m going to need more than two because all two eggs is going to do is make me mad she is teasing me with that little bit of food.


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